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Program, with abstracts [PDF]


All talks will be in Royce Hall 314

List of sessions and talk titles [for abstracts, see draft of program above]


Session A: Aging, eating, safeguarding: (Hi)stories of "Health"

Commentator: Beth Bromely


The Thin Rats Bury the Fat Rats: Origins of the Research on Caloric Restriction and Longevity, 1925-1946 // Hyung Wook Park


Graeco-Egyptian Uterine Amulets:  An argument for Revised Interpretation of Function as Based on the Inscriptions // Kate Marino


“Trying to Educate Children with Half-Starved Bodies”: School Foodservice and Malnutrition in the United States, 1918-1946 // Andrew Ruis


Futures, Histories, and Predictions in Anti-Aging Medicine // Courtney Mykytyn


Session B: Who makes what science? The political economy of science and technology in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries

Commentator: Lino Camprubi


Political science at the Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques in the first decades of the Third Republic // Thierry Artzner


The Emergence of Modern Science and the National Movement in Colonial India // Subhasis Sahoo


Every Week We Find a New Devil: The Crusade for Credible Energy Information and Analysis, 1973-1982 // Lee Vinsel


Engaging the public in nanotechnology?: Contestation and ambiguities of public engagement in nanotechnology research, and implications for the social studies of nanotechnology // Brice Laurent


Session C: What Lies Between? Constructing & Complicating the Boundaries of Sex & Rationality

Commentator: Tamara Black


The Ovidian Alchemical Hermaphrodite // Jessica Luther


Gendering the X and Y: Gender Ideology in Sex Chromosome Research // Sarah Richardson


Wild boy and prodigy in the wake of a rational century // Jennifer Mack


Correcting Biology?: Intersex and the Sexed Body // Tamara Popowski


Session D: Medicalized Subjects: From Hearth to Hospital

Commentator: Rene Almeling


Housekeeping a Cure: Domestic Medicine in Twentieth Century America // Bridget D. Collins


The Soul is in the Heart: Ischemic Heart Disease and the Cultural Transformation of the African-American Body, 1929-1958 // Pablo Gomez


Pharmaceutical 'Correction' for the Restoration of the 'Will': Medicalized Subjectivities, Mediascapes and Late Capitalism // Donavan Rocher


American Women's Hospitals, the Armenian Genocide, and Internationalism // Jaffa Panken


Session E: Tensions Within and Without: Socio-Political Struggles and Competing Explanations in Science and Technology

Commentator: Joseph Hwang


India Calling: Orientalism in Contemporary Indian Call Center Discourse // Tabitha Hart


How a Rule becomes a Law:  Ohm's Law and the Unity of Nature, 1827-1849 // Kalil Oldham


The problem of change in Darwinian mechanics: An Aristotelian critique through evo-devo explanation of morphospace // Laura Nuño de la Rosa García


Activism or Appeasement? Linus Pauling, Edward Teller, and the Battle for Cold War Science // Paul Rubinson


Session F: Seeing Double: Competing Claims for the Production of Scientific Knowledge

Commentator: Gustavo Garza


The Visual Culture of Opium in British India, circa 1750-1912 // Hope Marie Childers


Visual Representation in Classical Archaeology, 19th-20th c // Stefanie Klamm


Trials and Tribulations: Bias and Objectivity in Evidence-based Medicine // Kirstin Borgerson


Beyond Bohr: investigating Heisenberg's response to the EPR paper // Elise M. Crull